About Running Partners
...developed in 2004 after many requests for running partners on the Runner's World forum. It is a 'hobby website' which is, and always will be, FREE to join.

Through developing this website I met a running partner and we joined a local group together. From that my running progressed from 5K to half marathon distances and I was still setting pbs until I took time out for knee surgery from which there was no return. However, I have remained involved in the running community through this and other websites, parkrun, and an interest in sports photography.

How It Works
Select your area to find a list of runners near you. Explore the profiles to make your match. But remember, your general run could be someone else's tempo run, and vice versa so no need to restrict yourself to runners of similar ability. Use the messaging system to make contact. Your e-mail address is not displayed.

The nature of the site means you need response to your listing and your messages so, to keep the site current, profiles are deleted after a year of inactivity and member numbers may appear to fluctuate. People will find partners or join clubs and move on. That is the idea!